Rates and Services


Lessons, Training & Judging

Private Lesson w/Danni (45 minute session)



Private Lesson (full training boarders only)


Semi-Private and Group (jumping only)


Private Lesson or Pony Program w/assistant $50
Training Ride w/Danni (owner tacks/untacks) $50
Training Ride w/assistant(owner tacks/untacks) $25
Lunging/Long-Lining $25
Practice Rides (you tack/untack your own horse/pony) $25
Practice Rides (we tack/untack your own horse/pony) $40
Coaching at shows (if Danni is already there) $10 per test or round
Coaching at shows (if Danni is not already attending show or
has to arrive early or stay late)
$50/hour + $.50 per mile
Judging (up to 50 rides) or $6 per test (including scratches) $300 per day + $.50 per mile


Full Board (includes training, horses staying more than 30 days) $1,200 per month
Temporary Board (includes training, horses staying less than 30 days) $45 per day
Breaking /Backing Young, Unbroken Horses $1,500/month
Sale Board (we cover advertising and show fees) $1,200 per month + 10% of sale
Consignment Board (we cover advertising & show fees. Horses are in full
training and also used for small lesson program)
$600/month ($20 perday) + 25% of sale

Additional Services

Body Clipping (you provide the blades) $100 per horse
Trimming & Mane Pulling $25 per horse
Follow-Up Vet Care/administering medicines etc. $10 per care
Show Prep (Mandatory, training board horses excluded) $50 per horse
Horse and Pony Evaluations $50 per horse
Trailering $25 Hookup, $2/mile round trip/horse

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